Mizo Life Services brings you affordable fees for you to expand your business.  We charge fees based on our service quality and time spent for the project. Charges are transparent and there is no hidden fees arises at the end. Prices are shown to customer before work is initiated and they (customer) have the freedom to pursue or cease the plan.

In order to give customer quick preview of our services and pricings,  
general fees are given below:

Wordpress Website Creation & Development: 
Rs. 2500 (Only Service Charge)

Other Website Building: 
Rs. 2000 (Only Service Charge)

Blogger Customization: 
Rs. 1500 (Only Service Charge)

YouTube Production & Channel Set Up: Rs. 700 

Google Adsense Account Set Up: Rs. 500

Consultation Fees: Rs. 500

Minor Correction for Existing Site: Rs. 1000


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